Xiwangmu Malware - Eye's Always Watching - Attack on Ramzu Yunis | Scam Artist (Attack Started on 04/28/21)

The owner of This Site has Downloaded our Malware from an Attack Similar to a Java-Drive-By which gave us access to all his Files, Passwords, Personal Information, Search History, and 3 Hours Total of Webcam Recorded Nude Footage, proof of Scams, and More. If we don't Recieve a Payment for $500 USD in Bitcoin to the Bitcoin Address that we Provide, all of the Site Owner's Personal Info, Passwords, Certain Files, the Full 3 Hours of Webcam Recorded Private Footage, all Scam Sites owned by Mr.Yunis, and more will be Posted Here and other Websites owned by Ramzu Yunis.

It is not an Unreasonable Amount to Pay. Before we Execute our Attacks on Websites; we Research the Site Owner's Background to make sure they are able to Pay our Fee and Continue Living life like Normal. The Owner has 24 Hours after Seeing this Page to Pay the Full Amount to the Bitcoin Address we have given. If you have Contact with the Owner of this site, Tell them to Pay Now or Forever Regret their Choice.

Xiwangmu Malware - Eye's Always Watching