"The Will Of The People Shall Be The Basis Of The Authority Of Government;"

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

By standing together we can bring power and prosperity  back to The People instead of corrupt government.
The Human Rights Prosperity Plan

With unity and following international human rights law actions, everyone will get a $100,000 economic stimulus and free housing as well as other social benefits.

Join The People

Please register with The People. Though we may claim different nationalities etc., The People is just the political identity used to enforce shared interests. It takes a majority united in every area to gain political-economic control. "Together We Will!" As stated in law "all peoples have the right of self-determination" to choose their political status. This right has never even been invoked by African Americans.... until now!

Open Reparations Bank Account

A digital bank/wallet has been established by which citizens are to receive their economic stimulus and transact. The account is free and will be credited with $100,000 value. That value will become available once The People retain political power and your city's or territory's assets are leveraged. The real estate value of where African Americans dwell is over $15 trillion.

Register for Free Home

Available homes will be given free to those who need them. Public housing will be now owned by the public. Register now if you need a free home.

Cast Special Ballot

In order for all of this to lawfully happen, The People must now engage in a special vote. This simple vote is actually a withdrawal of consent from current authority and consent to a council government from the local community/city that will implement the new "prosperity policies". Sign the online vote then enlist/volunteer today to be a council member to help execute this in your area.

$15 Trillion Start Available

The real estate value alone of the areas African Americans occupy is worth well over $15 trillion. Such assets will be leveraged to give all participating adults an economic stimulus grant of $100,000. This amount value is being immediately credited to all accounts opened at Reparations Bank. The amount will be activated upon acquisition of the political control necessary to implement that policy. So unite to withdraw consent in the special "People's Vote". Some of the $trillions will be utilized to implement the same stimulus for The People in other nations under our digital currency closed economy system.   
Open Acccount
Screenshot of app account dashboard
Here is a screenshot of the Reparations account which is a global digital wallet.
The People share certificate sample
The world is one big asset entrusted to the original inhabitants by The Originator. The People has formed a Trust Organization to assure all benefits go equally to The People. All members are e-mailed or physically given a share certificate.
change the world!

With just one united action of The People, the condition of the poor and oppressed will be changed immediately!

Join The People

Our Mission

To bring peace and prosperity to the world by transferring power to The People who will execute new policies to benefit themselves. This is to begin in the United States wherein the Afrodescendant and indigenous populations will invoke the right of self-determination and acquire independent political control of our areas. We then become the "world superpower" with trillions of dollars in value from which to assist The People in other nations with sustainable development and assistance in seizing reparations via political control. The United States action is priority as its government is the muscle behind global "white supremacy" imperialist practices.

Upcoming Events


Vote of Self-Determination and Declaration

9:00 am until at participating cities
From now until we will be rallying the people to withdraw consent via our online vote and paper withdrawal form. We will declare our status on November 3, 2020.
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Global Alliances

Global unity of the masses as well as governments is growing. Initiating trustee, Ramzu Yunus, as seen here, and others are striving to ensure that connections are made with all concerned parties of the world. 
with Mugabe cropped
Ramzu Yunus with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Fidel and Evo Morales
Trustee Fidel Hernandez with Bolivian President Evo Morales
Hughie Rose and President Wade resized
Trustee Hughie Rose of London with Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade 
Ramzu Yunus with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
Ramzu Yunus with Venezuela President Hugo Chavez
with Natives in Venezuela
With Natives in South America
Abdoulie and Asians
Trustee Cpt. Abdoulie Bah soldiering for The People

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other United Nations  covenants encourages individuals to take progressive measures to ensure that human rights are able to be enjoyed. The People have established a force of Human Rights Policy Officers to execute and secure these progressive measures which include:

  • Uniting enough people in certain areas to take independent political control according to international law.
  • Replacing brutal police forces with "peace officers" as in the Human Rights Policy Officers themselves.
  • Educating the public about their human rights.
  • Implementing programs intended to result in the end of human rights violations.
  • Recruiting and training more officers.

Everything was initiated in Detroit as Black people gathered to take independent political control of the city. Further human rights violations occurred as the federal government stepped in and took over city operations to stop the inevitable. We are now recruiting more officers to complete the task and execute the same action all over the country. 

Human Rights Officers 2
Human Rights Officers 1
Human Rights Officers 3
Take responsibility of your community today and join to secure a peaceful and prosperous life for all members.


United So Far
$ Trillion at Stake


Nations participating

Some of Our Trustees

Join or help us support their great work

Ramzu and Kai b&w cropped

Ramzu Yunus

United States
Dan G

Daniel Gutridge Sr.

United States
Malakyah Williams

Malakyah Williams

United States
Sister Hope
United States

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It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.

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This form is for African Americans (Afrodescendants) and indigenous of the United States who want to govern themselves independent of the current racist regime.

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Just call us at +1.888.999.6530

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Alternative Communication Between The People

Serval Mesh allows people to make voice calls, send text messages and share files with other Serval Mesh users, without requiring infrastructure like satellites, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi hot spots, or radio repeaters. The primary motivation is to provide resilient communications during crisis and disaster situations, when vulnerable infrastructure like phone cell towers and mains electricity are cut off. Serval Mesh is also useful for remote communities who lack conventional telephone services, small organisations who need an internal telephone system, and dissidents in oppressive countries that deny or monitor their citizens’ telecommunications.

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