The People is the population formally organized and united to exercise the political power that is “inherent in the people” and the right of self-determination. Though now also consisting of the global indigenous, The People was formed from Afrodescendants and local natives in the United States to liberate themselves from white occupiers and colonial en-slavers by invoking the right of self-determination and declaring independent political control over their living areas. Once independent and in control of their own territorial assets The People of each area or city can then revamp the system and police to live in peace and newfound prosperity from monetary reparations and free housing among other benefits.

 The People’s global members also seek reparations from white colonial violators of their human rights who have robbed those populations of vast wealth in the building of their own global economic dominance. The global fight is also for the right of self-determination as this right includes the free pursuit of social and economic development, but white imperialist governments continuously control the global economy and intervene often violently to suppress any self-sufficient social-economic development in order to maintain their hegemony. 

Al-Ummah is the indigenous name for “The People” as the root word ‘umm” is found in most if not all original languages to mean “mother/origin”. Al-Ummah means more than just “The People”; it means “the mother or original people”. Control must be given back to the original trustees of the earth.